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With Capital Lease Investing

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As an SMSF Trustee, one of your major challenges will be to establish an investment portfolio that meets your goals. This eBooklet will help you understand what capital leases are and how these unique (and often-overlooked) arrangements can be used to boost your self-managed superfund.

What to look for in your next SMSF investment.
What capital leases are and how they works.
How capital leases can boost your SMSF performance.

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Simon D. Davis
Senior Client Success Consultant | Big Picture Alternatives Pty. Ltd.

Simon is the Chief Operations Officer and Senior Client Success Consultant for Big Picture Alternatives and has a lifelong passion for helping people achieve their financial and life goals. With a Diploma in Financial Planning and over 30 years in business mentoring, Simon has helped countless Australians find their path to success.